Do Skechers Shape Ups Work?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way of getting in shape? And have your heard of Skechers Shape Ups that promise you to get in shape fast without going to the gym? It sounds almost too good to be true. But do they actually work? This article will help you answer these questions and you will also find out where to learn more about Skechers Shape Ups and read more about these fabulous shoes.

What is Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers Shape Ups is a shoe that is designed to imitate walking barefoot on soft sand. Walking on softer, uneven surfaces forces you to engage muscles that are not usually used when you are walking on hard ground. Therefore, you will activate muscles that are not usually engaged with regular walking shoes. Skechers Shape Ups have many advantages and here are some of them listed:

Promote weight loss

Strengthen the back

Firm calf and buttock muscles

Increase cardiovascular health

Improve posture

Reduce stress on joints

Relieve muscle tension and fatigue

Skechers Shape Ups - Do they work?

I bought my first pair of Skechers Shape Ups right after having a baby, so I was not in a great shape at the time. I wanted to give these shoes a try, as I thought it could be a great way to optimize my frequent trips around with my baby in a stroller. And I was amazed the first time I stepped into them. I still don't feel like taking them off.

The immediate feeling when you put on your Shape Ups is that they do improve posture. I have never felt such an upright position before. So if you have a tendency to slouch then these shoes are great for making you hold your head high. As mentioned, I had some post birth weight to get rid off, and after only 10 minutes of walking I could feel my muscles working much more intensely than in regular trainers. My calf muscles and thighs were actually feeling a bit sore after only a short walk. And after the walk, I was a bit sore in the back, probably because I wasn't used to walking so upright. This also had a great effect on the abdominal muscles as they help you maintain balanced while walking in such a straight position.

The shoes are so light-weight and they make you feel light and bouncy when wearing them. So it is very easy to walk fast and get a steady pace. So they are great if you want a good cardio workout during your walk. I also wear them at home around the house, just to get an additional effect when I walk around the house or doing house work. The only minus is that they are not very fashionable, but once you got the hang of them this doesn't seem to matter so much anymore. I know I am converted and I hardly want to wear anything else anymore. Luckily they are now made in so many different models and designs so it is easy to find something to fit your taste.