Exclusive Barbour Jackets - Now Available Online

If you have been looking for information on Barbour Jackets, look no further. This short guide is your window to the world of an outerwear brand, with timeless appeal and classic style, which has transcended through decades. John Barbour, a Scotsman with humble beginnings, started as a traveling draper in 1870. In 1894, burnt by a desire to prove his mettle and constant encouragement of his wife, this man established J. Barbour & Sons Ltd, pioneer in manufacturing and marketing wax coated outerwear.

The clothesline developed by John Barbour was best suited for harsh weathers and the durability and quality of the outfits made sure that his customers came back asking for more. A small shop turned into a massive manufacturing unit specializing in Barbour jackets, sweaters, corduroy clothing, moleskin clothing, and polar fleece sweaters. Despite the introduction of other products, these jackets have remained the flagship clothesline of the company owing to their tremendous demand.

Barbour waxed and quilted jackets are available in different materials and designs. The company makes sure that its collection of jackets is a step ahead of competition and in tandem with the latest fashion. The best selling styles of Barbour jackets include Barbour Chelsea Quilt jacket, Barbour Carbon jacket and Barbour Washed International jacket with outer lining of wax cotton and inner double lining of pure cotton. The cuts and patterns of these jackets are as per the current trends and the material used is of the finest quality.

Barbour jackets offer a complete range of outerwear for men, women and kids. The clothesline is exhaustive and extensive with a jacket for every member of the family. These jackets are liked by one and all because of their versatility, comfort and durability. These jackets are so light to carry that a person who has not tried one of the jackets finds it hard to believe that these jackets are extremely warm and comfortable.

Barbour jackets have carved a niche for themselves in this ever changing world of life styles. Owning a Barbour jacket is a matter of pride and is considered to be a status symbol. These jackets have enticed patrons from different strata of society. Princess Diana loved her jackets and often wore one of these jackets. Bike racing champions have shown their allegiance towards jackets since 1936. These jackets have also been a part and parcel of World War I and II with officials and soldiers sporting these jackets at war front.

Barbour jackets transform a person's personality and add depth to his character. A person clad in a Barbour jacket is looked upon in the society because of the classy image associated with these. There was a time when jackets were deemed fit for intellectual and middle aged people but with the introduction of new and trendy styles, these items are making inroads in the young circle also.