Gaming Experts Go Down Geriatric Route To Combat Social Media In

In recent years, gamers have been spoilt for choice when looking to play free games over the internet. Reels of sites offer traditional shoot-em-ups by the dozen and a thousand variation on the classic sports games that have proved so popular in the past. But many games sites have been seeing a sharp decrease in traffic as users opt for social media sites such as Facebook to while away their time.

The traditional online games site has always aligned itself with the bored demographic but is now facing sharp competition from web 2.0 communities where social interaction online provides a real alternative.

However, this hasn?t stopped Freepuke?s rapid and aggressive expansion tactics as it sees the opportunities provided by new broadband technologies as too good to refuse. Stefan Johne, Freepuke?s online marketing director, states ?the internet is getting bigger and more viral as more people have access to faster speeds. As gaming experts, we see this as the pot at the end of the rainbow and are relishing the challenge that social media sites offer. Whilst some gaming sites are prepared to sit down and die, we are constantly striving to offer games which no user has ever experienced before. This is what we love and this is how we will continue to succeed.?

If their latest release Pepe Pillz is anything to go by, Freepuke are on the right track. Freepuke are at the cutting edge and as a concept, it doesn?t get more manic than a matron chasing down an old man in a wheelchair through a nursing home full of obstacles, whilst trying to force feed him his daily medicinal cocktail

Stefan Johne laughed when asked is this as crazy as it gets and brushed this comment aside by saying ?gamers who visit Freepuke will be shocked, surprised, boggled, amazed and astounded every time they visit and the next time they come back. We have a team of maniacs thinking up the most ludicrous ideas all with the goal of keeping you entertained when you find yourself at a loose end.?

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