P90x Review - Is it Worth Buying?

For those of you who do not know, the P90x exercise program is a set of dvds created by fitness expert Tony Horton. In addition, to a set of 13 dvds. the box includes a calendar of which exercises to complete on which day, a fitness guide, nutrition handbook, and a worksheet log of how many reps of each exercise you may have completed. The package itself is very nice, and is very impressive. However, the real question is how effective the workout plan is when it comes to losing weight and building muscle.

I will say right off the bat that I have used the p90x system for three weeks and have had incredible results. I have lost 8 lbs and have toned up very nicely. The hardest part is keeping motivated to use the exercise every day. When I initially started, I would only do half of each lesson, because I could not complete the full one. Each different workout dvd is roughly one hour, so I would do about 30-40 minutes.

Even only doing half the exercise was a tremendous workout. If you are like me and not in great shape to begin with, you might only be able to do half the workout. The p90x system does a great job of keeping you motivated each day, with 13 different workouts to do so it does not get to repetitive. The part that was distracting for me was that after the first day I was so sore it was difficult to do the next day.

If you are self motivated and have a tiny bit of room to work with, you will definitely want to test out the p90x.