The Presence of Religion In Paintings

Religion has an important place in the paintings. Biblical paintings are an all time favorite of both the artists and the art lovers. Biblical paintings have an immediate effect on the thinking and belief of the people. The paintings are mostly created on the events in the life of Jesus, the mother and the child, the angels and Crucifixion. One of the best contemporary painters of Christian art is undoubtedly Ron Dicianni. Christian art has not changed much except for the colors used and the way of presentation.

Why biblical paintings are so much in demand?

If you visit any art gallery or online art shop, you will find most of the paintings depicting religion or religious events. Most of the famous artists including Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Picasso have also painted Christian arts. People prefer buying these paintings than any other types of paintings. The reasons for popularity of biblical paintings are many. Some of them include:

Simple and familiar: The first and foremost appeal of biblical painting is its simplicity and familiarity. Anyone can easily understand the underlying meaning of the painting. Every story that is depicted is taken from the bible and even a small child is familiar with it. Moreover, most of these paintings are clear in their meanings.

Colorful: Another important appeal of these paintings is the splash of color in them. Most of the biblical paintings have myriads of colors and they are extremely bright. The color combinations and the brightness make them ever popular.

Inspirational: All the biblical paintings provide inspiration. The stories of bible and Jesus inspire people to lead an honest and spiritual life. These paintings also inspire people during their most depressing times to overcome the problems. They provide motivation to live life praising God and his creations.

Universal: The Christian art has a universal appeal all over the world and people can identify with the paintings any time any where. This universal appeal has made these paintings most sought after.

Some famous all time favorite biblical paintings are:

'Creation of Adam' by Michelangelo

'David and Goliath' by Caravaggio

'The Last Supper' by Leonardo da Vinci

'The Annunciation' by El Greco

'The Apparition' by Gustave Moreau

One of the modern day painters who is worth mentioning here is Ron Dicianni. He is one of the most revered and popular biblical painters alive. He has painted many spiritual paintings which are sold for millions of dollars. One of his most important work of art includes 'The Resurrection Mural'. It is a 40 feet by 12 feet oil on canvas mural that is commissioned by the Museum of Biblical Art. His other paintings like 'Simeon's Moment' and 'Legacy' are awe inspiring and extremely breathtaking. These paintings have put the artist at an equal pedestal like the Van Gogh etc. Biblical paintings will never lose their luster because of their beauty and inspiration. It is worth buying a biblical painting to increase the beauty of one's home.