Unique Ways to Advertise Offline

Advertising offline can be a great way to build public awareness with regards to your business and website. Here are 10 methods you can experiment with and implement to effectively advertise yourself offline.

JOIN PROFESSIONAL GROUPS: Join professional groups relevant to your business field. Actively participate and expand your business and social circle. Engage in quality conversation and mention your online presence without sounding to pompous.


POSTCARDS AND SEASONAL GREETINGS: Print postcards and greeting cards with your business logo and URL. Send these out periodically as seasonal greetings to your customers and target audience. Very often, little gestures such as these go a long way in enhancing consumer-vendor relationship.


INTERVIEWS: Get interviewed by a TV channel, a radio station or even a popular newspaper. Mention everything about your business that your target audience may have considerable interest in. Interviews of this sort will help you substantially in creating brand value for your product.

Alternatively, call on radio shows and have a few interesting things to say. Generate a good discussion and be keen on saying the right things, the right time. Oh, and remember to mention your web address casually. 


ROAMING ADS: Have a catchy ad on large vehicles such as buses, trucks or vans. These vehicles cover large distances and are sure to roam all over your town and city sometime or the other. Have a shot of your website on the vehicle as this is very likely to grab onlooker attention. Hardly anyone does it and you're sure to attract some seriously inquisitive visitors on your website.


WORD OF MOUTH: Perhaps the most effective of all advertising and marketing methods, word of mouth can do wonders to your campaign. Spread the word amongst one and all in your business and social circle. Send and generate good vibes with regards to your business and company. Since WoM is more or less a recommendation on the lines of a must-try, it is more often than not, very effective.


LEAVE YOUR STAMP: Sign guest books in all hotels, restaurants and malls you visit. If you've something good to write about the place, do it. As a byline, include your name and web address. Never know, but you could land a client or two via this.

If you're very, very desperate, these may just about interest you:

ON-ROAD PROMOTION: Have your logo and URL printed on stickers and put them up on all vehicles you and your employees use. Maybe some day, some time, some soul might cast a glance or two. Or, if you think you can manage it without being booked, have a special number plate made for your car with your logo and website URL neatly tucked in somewhere along the identification numbers.


PROMOTiON: Never heard of this one? Well, it's simple: a marathon that you run with no other intention than to promote your online presence. Every city has one of these coming up virtually every other month. Wear a tee with your business logo and URL and you're sure to grab some attention.


PUBLICITY STUNTS: Just do something that is sure to grab media attention. Something unique, a never-before kinda thing. Once you get noticed by the media, they'll make sure all and sundry notice you too.

And if you're really, really, really desperate, this one could be a made-for-you-alone sorta idea:

SELF CAMPAIGNING: What better way than to endorse and promote your business in everything you do? Put up a signboard or banner near your house with your business logo and URL. Paint the outside walls of your house with the same. Carve out your web address on a hand or leg; have a haircut that spells out your web address, if you'd like...

Oops, too much and too desperate. You'll probably do good without giving this one a shot!