Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Many people buy waterproof hiking boots when they head out for a hike but the truth is that you are way better off with waterproof hiking shoes instead. Just imagine the energy you can save by wearing lightweight shoes instead of heavy boots. Instead you can increase your packing weight if you need to. The average hiking shoe weigh is around 1 ¾ pounds and the average hiking boots weigh around 3 ¾ pounds. Just imagine how much extra weight you have to lift each step you take when wearing hiking boots.

However it's not that easy to find the perfect hiking shoes. In my eyes hiking shoes should cover some important parts. They should be lightweight and have a good grip, making sure you never slip. They should be waterproof to keep your feet dry and happy. Keeping your feet dry is very essential since it keep blisters away. Heavy boots that get wet often stay wet for a long time since they take time to dry up.

When you buy your waterproof hiking shoes you should check the inside of the shoe making sure it is good quality and is comfortable against your foot. Also check the outside to make sure it's made of quality material that stays waterproof. Some hikers like to remove parts of the inside of the shoe to get more space and air and others add to the softness. It all depends on your feet and your needs.

When you buy your waterproof hiking shoes you have to remember that fit is everything. If you order them online and receive them and you don't like the fit just send them back. Even if it's the right size some shoes tend to not fit as well as you think. It is better to have a shoe that is a bit bigger than you need since it will usually shrink a bit after a while. Just make sure you are comfortable in all kind of terrain and weathers.

One advantage with hiking shoes compared to hiking boots that most people forget about is the environment. When you walk with heavy boots you ruin a lot around you even if you don't think about it. With waterproof hiking shoes you will cause a lot less stress to the environment when walking in nature.

I hope this article have made you think twice before buying hiking boots and that you give the hiking shoes a shot. Since I changed my boots for shoes I have enjoyed the hiking a lot more. So much lighter and more agile when I move around. The only negative I have to say is if you walk in deeper water the boots can be good since they cover higher up.